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The carbide cutter 302402 is an indispensable assistant for every nail service professional

Its use in manicures and pedicures allows for flawless results, making the nail care process fast, precise, and enjoyable

In manicures: The nail bit is perfect for cuticle work and shaping nails. It ensures a clean and neat manicure, highlighting the beauty of natural nails

In pedicures: With its help, you can easily remove rough skin and make feet tender and smooth. It’s the ideal tool for preparing feet for the summer season or a special event

In beauty salons: The carbide cutter 302402 will be an excellent addition to the arsenal of professional masters. It helps save time and improve the quality of nail services, which is especially valuable in busy salon environments

For professional masters: The carbide cutter 302402 is a symbol of craftsmanship and professionalism. It allows masters to unleash their creative potential and offer clients top-level services

Choose the carbide cutter 302402 and discover that quality and speed can go hand in hand with beauty and client care!

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Data sheet

Technical specification
TU U 25.7-2478101238-001:2023
Field of application
Manicure hardware
Make it possible to use
Gel and acryl correction
Cutting material
Tungsten carbide
The cutter teeth are made according to the type
Fine, double spiral symmetrical cutting
Geometric shape
Cylindrical. Hemispherical end
Diameter of the bit head (Max)
2,0 mm
Length of bit head
Product Length
Use with collet
2,35mm or 3/32"
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