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Carbide cutter 302502 is an indispensable tool for manicures and pedicures

The carbide nail cutter is suitable for processing natural nails as well as for pedicures. It is ideal for creating the perfect nail shape and treating calloused skin on the feet

Nail treatment: The carbide cutter is used for trimming, shaping, cleaning, and polishing nail plates. It helps achieve the desired nail shape and makes them more neat

Cuticle removal: The carbide cutter allows for precise cuticle removal, making the process safe and effective

Nail polishing: After nail treatment with the burr, a smooth surface can be achieved, giving the nails a natural shine

Foot treatment: The burr is used to remove calloused skin on the feet, treat corns, and calluses. This is especially important for maintaining foot health and comfort while walking. Nail shaping: The carbide burr helps shape the nails on the feet, making them more beautiful and well-groomed

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Data sheet

Technical specification
TU U 25.7-2478101238-001:2023
Field of application
Pedicure hardware
Make it possible to use
Removing calluses and corns
Cutting material
Tungsten carbide
The cutter teeth are made according to the type
Fine, double spiral symmetrical cutting
Geometric shape
Cylindrical. Side cutting only
Diameter of the bit head (Max)
2,0 mm
Length of bit head
Product Length
Use with collet
2,35mm or 3/32"
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