MULTIBOR™ 50G - Pedicure Bit Medium
  • MULTIBOR™ 50G - Pedicure Bit Medium


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Grinding the skin around the nails, removing calluses and roughness on the toes

The pedicure head is made as one piece, combining a pedicure grinding head and a metal shank. The sanding base is made of durable plastic and coated with a layer of durable and very sharp abrasive. The roughness is medium, the cutter is “Standard” for preliminary grinding under the toes. For an effective mesh around the nails.

MULTIBOR™ pedicure head: This lightweight, durable and optimally balanced tool does not vibrate or flex at high to very high speeds. The shank is made of high quality medical stainless steel. The sanding layer is coated with a very sharp and hard aluminum oxide abrasive. Its hardness is 9 units, second only to diamonds (10 units). The abrasive layer adheres securely to the composite ligament thanks to patented technology, reducing procedure time by 30–50%

  • Outer diameter of grinding surface 5 mm.
  • Total bit length 50–53 mm.
  • Shank diameter 2.35 mm
  • Recommended speed: 20,000 rpm
  • Roughness is indicated by color Green - medium

Made in Ukraine. This is not China!

You can produce instruments aseptically and also sterilize instruments in special liquids for effective high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other medical devices. (For example: Surfanios lemon fresh and Aniosept activ, ANIOS or CIDEX, ASP)


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Data sheet

Technical specification
TU U 25.7-2478101238-001:2017
Field of application
Pedicure hardware
Make it possible to use
Removal of skin growths on the little fingers
Cutting material
Aluminium oxide
Diameter of the bit head (Max)
Length of bit head
Product Length
Use with collet
2,35mm or 3/32"
UA 76825
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