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The carbide cutter 406502 is the ideal choice for professional service providers

Manufactured from high-quality hard alloy, it ensures durability and wear resistance, making it versatile for both manicure and pedicure use

Manicure: The 406502 carbide cutter allows for precise cuticle work and shaping of the nails, making it an indispensable tool for creating the perfect manicure

Pedicure: It effectively removes rough skin, leaving feet soft and smooth, ensuring a high level of comfort for clients

In beauty salons: The 406502 carbide cutter helps professionals optimize client service time without compromising quality, making it a valuable asset for any beauty business

For professionals: The 406502 carbide cutter supports high work standards, allowing masters to demonstrate their craftsmanship and creative approach with each client

Choosing the 406502 carbide cutter is a choice for reliability, quality, and professionalism!

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Data sheet

Technical specification
TU U 25.7-2478101238-001:2023
Field of application
Pedicure hardware
Make it possible to use
Removes rough skin on the feet
Cutting material
Tungsten carbide
The cutter teeth are made according to the type
Large, double helical symmetrical cutting
Geometric shape
Cylindrical. Side cutting only
Diameter of the bit head (Max)
2,0 mm
Length of bit head
Product Length
Use with collet
2,35mm or 3/32"
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