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The Carbide nail cutter 606202 is designed for the professional manicure and pedicure master

Flake Removal: The 606202 nail bit provides delicate removal of flaking, restoring the aesthetic integrity and health of the nail plate

Length and Shape Correction: The tool allows for precise and easy adjustment of the nail’s length and shape, creating the perfect contour

Rough Filing: The burr effectively deals with thickened or fungus-affected nails, significantly reducing the procedure time

Gel Filing: The specialized notch of the burr allows for the removal of artificial materials with high precision, facilitating the formation of the upper layers

Arch Correction: The 606202 carbide nails cutter accentuates the natural beauty of the nail plate, highlighting its curve

Edge Processing: The tool ensures neat and complete processing of the nail edges, giving them an aesthetically perfect appearance

Choosing the 606202 nail bit is the choice of technological excellence and professional quality for your beauty salon


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Data sheet

Technical specification
TU U 25.7-2478101238-001:2023
Field of application
Manicure hardware
Make it possible to use
Gel and acryl correction
Cutting material
Tungsten carbide
The cutter teeth are made according to the type
Medium, double helical symmetrical cutting
Geometric shape
Conical with a domed (hemispherical) end
Diameter of the bit head (Max)
2,0 mm
Length of bit head
Product Length
Use with collet
2,35mm or 3/32"
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