About us

Our company

Our company specializes in contract manufacturing of carbide cutters, pedicure sanding caps, discs, and attachments for machine manicure and pedicure. Our tools are made from high-quality materials and ensure precision, reliability, and durability

Advantages of collaborating with us:

  • Wide Assortment: We offer various shapes and sizes of diamond burrs, carbide cutters, sanding caps, pedicure bits and discs to meet your clients’ needs
  • Professional Quality: Our tools are designed with the requirements of manicure and pedicure masters in mind. They ensure precise cuticle removal, nail plate treatment, and other procedures
  • Durability: All our tools are made from high-quality materials, ensuring a long service life

Our team

Our team consists of competent designers, intelligent engineers, savvy managers, and skilled workers who proudly create tools that meet the highest standards



Our product is the first to be made of composite materials and features the whole range of important benefits: high performance and rotation velocity, light instrument weight, possibility of liquid antiseptic treatment and sterilization, convenient forms and the surface finish that complies with industry requirements..

How did they do it? MULTIBOR SUNDING CAPS

Multibor pedicure caps were invented, developed, patented and manufactured in Odessa. Order wholesale supplies. tel. +380674861191 (WhatsApp, Telegram).