• Made for MULTIBOR™

    Made for MULTIBOR™

    Manufactured according to drawings and under the author’s control of MULTIBOR™

    MULTIBOR™ engineers create unique products that meet the highest international standards. Orders for the production of MULTIBOR™ developments are placed at the world's leading factories, where they carry out production according to drawings and under the supervision of MULTIBOR™

    Our company is proud of the novelty and manufacturability of each product. Every product that leaves our factory bears the mark of original quality. This is not just a product - it is a high-tech solution that ensures reliability and satisfies the most demanding consumers

    We don't stop there. Our engineers are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products. We are proud that our products are not just products, but real solutions for your comfort and safety

    Purchase our innovative products today and see for yourself!



    The MULTIBOR brand represents a company specializing in the production and development of manicure and pedicure tools. The main product range includes milling cutters and attachments for hardware manicures, as well as abrasive pedicure disks. The company focuses on the high quality of its products, offering goods that meet modern beauty industry standards

    MULTIBOR also provides contract manufacturing services and the development of equipment for hardware cosmetology, allowing customers to order products under their own brand. The company maintains communication with clients through various channels, including phone and messengers, ensuring prompt service and consultation